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The Science Friendly Company is a research initiative directed at tightening the partnership cooperation and the development
of the creative relationship between the science and the business environment.

Its aim is to promote and shape the positive image of the enterprises, which actively engage in the actions supporting the scientific research.

The companies with significant tribute to this area, after it being acknowledged and documented by the scientific institution,
will receive a prestigious certificate and a title of the Science Friendly Company. These benefits represent the gratitude
of the scientific environment towards the input of the business.

If you are a research associate currently conducting your scientific research with cooperation with the business area
- please consider suggesting that they should consider joining the Science Friendly Companies.

Benefits for the companies: Benefits for the research institutions:
  • possibility to receive a prestigious certificate along with a title that will help to build positive image of the company,
  • integration with the actions directed at the corporate social responsibility,
  • possibility of placing a certificate and an advertising note on the company's website, social media and others,
  •  acknowledgement and confirmation of the cooperation with the science environment, helpful in applying for subsidies, grants, and public contracts,
  • strengthening of the relationship with the science environment, which as a result gives to the companies more bargain power and innovations.
  • the possibility to express gratitude towards business partners, for their contribution to the scientific research,
  • customization of the certificate and it's adjustment to the specifics of the research institution and research initiative,
  • acknowledgement and confirmation of the cooperation with the business area helpful in the evaluation of the scientific units and research associates
  • strengthening the relationship with the business environment, which results in the growth of range and quality of the conducted research initiatives.


The initiators of this research initiative are partners from both the business and research sector cooperating together in the scientific research.

The business sector:
The research sector:

Paweł Cebula

Kompasja Company, Poland

www.kompasja.pl   |   www.fotodruki.pl

Marek Matejun, Ph.D, D.Sc.

Department of Management,
Faculty of Organization and Management,
Lodz University of Technology, Poland.

www.matejun.com  |   matejun@p.lodz.pl

We kindly invite you to cooperation with us!